Fight for a better IOWA
How You Help Us

You can help Kris win this election.


Volunteers are needed to facilitate community meetings and small get-togethers Kris calls “coffees.” You can also walk in parades carrying signs or deliver literature to neighborhoods and other Get Out The Vote activities. Volunteering is a great way to get involved and support the future of your community.

Kris Gulick For Iowa senate

Economic development is a top priority for our area and all of Iowa. We must develop workforce attraction and retention strategies, retain businesses, and create entrepreneurial opportunities to achieve this. I strive to ensure the next generation can access great jobs in our communities that pay wages that can support their families.

Every family in our area should have access to high-quality public services, support, and resources. We do this through common-sense investment in infrastructure and community improvements.

The ever-rising cost of gas, groceries and household goods is squeezing family budgets. When times get tough, legislators have a responsibility to ease the burdens on our citizens. I support efforts to responsibly reduce taxes and cut wasteful spending to offset historic inflation.

Our priority in education must be the best interests of student. It is our state government’s responsibility to fairly fund schools, teachers, and classrooms across the state. I will listen to and advocate for parents and their children to provide them the ability to make decisions that best fit their needs and encourage them to work with teachers to achieve the best educational outcomes for their students.