Iowa Senate District 40 residents deserve a strong voice in the Iowa Senate Majority. Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha, and Robins are incredible places to live, but residents need a champion to ensure their issues and concerns are heard and acted upon. As your State Senator, I will always put the people and businesses of our district first.

Every family in Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha, and Robins should have access to high-quality public services, support, and resources. The Iowa Senate can do this through common-sense investment in infrastructure and community improvements–even on the tightest of budgets.


Inflation and the ever-rising cost of gas, groceries, and household goods are squeezing the budgets of Iowa families, businesses, and nonprofits. When times get tough, Iowa Legislators have a responsibility to ease the burdens. That’s why I will support efforts to responsibly reduce taxes and cut wasteful spending to offset historical inflation.


Education in Iowa must be in the best interests of the students. It is the Iowa government’s responsibility to fairly fund schools, teachers, and classrooms across the state. As your Senator in Des Moines, I will listen to and advocate for parents and their children to provide them with the ability to make decisions that best fit their needs. I will encourage families to work with teachers to achieve the best educational outcomes for their students.

Investing wisely in a successful educational system is critical to the success of Iowa families now and building a qualified workforce that will fuel our state’s economic growth. Prioritizing education will keep Iowa on top, which will entice working families to move here.


Senate District 40 and the State of Iowa will grow when all residents prosper. I genuinely believe that. As your State Senator, I will work to build a strong foundation that allows and supports economic growth–now and in the future.

Economic development is a top priority for all of Iowa. Our Legislature must develop workforce attraction and retention strategies, retain businesses, and create entrepreneurial opportunities to achieve this. In Des Moines, I will work for you to ensure today’s working Iowans earn wages that can support their families. We must also ensure that the next generation can access great jobs that keep them working here.

Iowa Senate District 40 needs a State Senator who understands the development needs of both Iowa’s urban and rural communities. Although I have lived in Cedar Rapids for more than 40 years, I grew up in rural Benton County and still maintain the family farm there.


As a fiscal conservative and social moderate, I have worked hard to make Iowa a wonderful place to live, learn, work, and raise a family. I have done this through my volunteer efforts and terms as an elected official. As your State Senator, I’ll keep my priorities focused on Senate District 40’s growth and community improvement.

The Iowa Legislature must grow our statewide economy through sound oversight and careful investment. That means spending wisely on initiatives that focus on Iowa’s workforce and educational excellence, which is directly related to the success of our economy.